In this blog post, I’ll be elaborating on the steps required to integrate Gravity Forms with Stripe Payment Gateway on WordPress. This integration can really be extremely meaningful if you want to setup payments on WordPress for a simple product, service or event without getting into the hassle of having an full fledged ecommerce mechanism.

Integrate Gravity Forms with Stripe

Step 1 — Purchase Gravity Forms Pro or Elite License to download Stripe Payment Addon for Gravity Forms

This is a mandatory requirement as this addon is a part of series of pro addons that gravity forms offers with its pro and elite license. I think it comes for an affordable price. …

Social Media Automation For WordPress

Social Media Automation tools are a great way of saving time and efforts. It can be mundane to do the same thing over and over for different platforms. These tools offer great flexibility at ease for most platforms. But, their subscriptions are unaffordable for small business’ or people who are starting.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at tools which can help you automate content posting. You only have to ensure posting on your website and the tools ensure auto update on other platforms. These tools cover all major social space and are free to use. …

Google announced that they will treat “Page Experience” as one of the ranking factor. What exactly is “Page Experience”. Is it true that Google cannot match its own page experience expectation? How can this update affect small business owners a lot worse than big corporations?

Before getting into all the controversial stuff. Let us help you understand what the entire hype is about? If you already know about the update and impact. You can head over to title relevant section by clicking here.

Page Experience Expectation-

A literal explanation would be a user’s experience on a web page. What are the metrics that…

In this article, we are going to focus on a wordpress blog built using Elementor.

10 tips to Speed Up Elementor WordPress Blog

Here are the tips and tricks which will help you to optimize your website for a faster user experience -

1. Good Web Hosting -

A good web hosting is crucial for your website. If the server storing the files of your website is not fast enough, it is obvious for the site to slow down.
Speed up Elementor Website with web host having -

  • 7+ PHP version as lower versions are more vulnerable to security threats.
  • MYSQL 5.6 or + / MariaDB 10 or +
  • WP Memory Limit set…

Pawan Khatri

Corporate Lawyer who switched to being a Web and UX/UI Designer instead. I enjoy trekking, singing, movies and music.

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